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Why is John Paul Jones important?

John Paul Jones was a Revolutionary Struggle hero referred to as the daddy of the U.S. Navy. When the American Revolution broke out, Jones...
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What did Jacques Cartier do for New France?

French navigator Jacques Cartier was born on December 31, 1491, in Saint-Malo, Brittany, France, and was despatched by King Francis I to the New...
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Is painters acrylic latex caulk waterproof?

Acrylic- and latex-based caulks are really useful for indoor tasks, since publicity to water or the weather may cause the caulk to climate and...
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How is an IRA taxed?

With a standard IRA, any pre-tax contributions and all earnings are taxed on the time of withdrawal. The withdrawals are taxed as common revenue...
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What did Frederick William accomplish?

Frederick William I, German Friedrich Wilhelm I, (born August 14, 1688, Berlin—died Might 31, 1740, Potsdam, Prussia), second Prussian king, who reworked his nation...
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Can PABA cause vitiligo?

PABA, a compound generally present in B-complex nutritional vitamins, has been proven to repigment pores and skin affected by vitiligo. . Equally one might...
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